suzanne den otter 


In my work I translate emotions into an image.
I experiment with light and objects to create an installation in an intuitive way and photograph these.
This is what creates the final image.
No editing is involved. 

 This image was selected for the Belfius Art Contest 2015.

exhibitions and awards:

2019: solo exhibition “Espoused Theory’,
Antwerp, Belgium.

2018: solo exhibition 'YOUth',
Antwerp, Belgium.

2017: 'When plants become Art' exhibition.
Festival Design kwartier,
The Hague, Netherlands.

2015: 'Different perspectives'15' exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium.

2015: Selected Belfius Art Contest, Brussels, Belgium.

2014: Winner '350/350 project', Athena prize, Antwerp, Belgium.

2014: 'Different perspectives'14' exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium.