suzanne den otter 

The Stilllife series represents connection, foundation, loss and trust.

‘When some parts disapear, other parts get stronger’.

Whatever happens in life there is always a foundation within yourself, trust.


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I have a garden now

A new home with a garden resulted in these new series.

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Would you like to send a little piece of art to your loved ones?

Set of 5 photographic postcards: €25

Print 20x30 cm €100
(available in any work you like).

The prints and postcards are printed on fine art photo paper, UV resistant.

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Photography | natural light | no edits
In these isolated times it is now more important to see each other and connect with each other. 
Growing together to be more concious without losing yourself.

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Info and prices on request.

Espoused Theory

The Espoused theory describes the reasons we give for our actions.
Is how you think you behave, the same way you really do behave?

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