suzanne den otter 

Espoused Theory

The Espoused theory describes the reasons we give for our actions.
Is how you think you behave, the same way you really do behave?

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Inspired by the ‘YOUth’ series.

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100% Merino wool.
Extra fine, soft and is not picky.
The wool is lightweight breathable and warm.

Front black, back white.
Size 175 x 25cm

Playful, carefree, open hearted.
Do you remember these feelings?

about my

YOUth series

    Info & prices on request.

In our adult life we tend to follow our head instead of our feelings.
The thing we used to do when we were a child being playful, carefree and open hearted. Do you remember these feelings?

When plants become art

Festival Design kwartier The Hague.


In my work I translate emotions into an image.
I experiment with light and objects to create an installation in an intuitive way and photograph these.
This is what creates the final image.
No editing is involved. 

 This image was selected for the Belfius Art Contest 2015.

exhibitions and awards:

2019: solo exhibition “Espoused Theory’,
Antwerp, Belgium.

2018: solo exhibition 'YOUth',
Antwerp, Belgium.

2017: 'When plants become Art' exhibition.
Festival Design kwartier,
The Hague, Netherlands.

2015: 'Different perspectives'15' exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium.

2015: Selected Belfius Art Contest, Brussels, Belgium.

2014: Winner '350/350 project', Athena prize, Antwerp, Belgium.

2014: 'Different perspectives'14' exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium.

feel free to contact me at:
+32 4 89 73 98 86

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